Berdychiv – Khazhyn

The mass grave in Khazhyn, located about 7 km south of Berdychiv, is one of several large graves located in and around the city of Berdychiv. Starting about mid-August 1941 at the latest, this site was used repeatedly for mass shootings of Jews (and most likely of Soviet prisoners of war). Especially well documented is the shooting of 1,303 Jews at this site on 4 September 1941. According to the figures from the Soviet Extraordinary State Commission, a total of 10,656 individuals were shot here by the end of 1943.

Among the «Protecting Memory» project sites, the burial site near Khazhyn is of particular significance. Due to the high number of victims at this site, its lack of protection and the constant violation of the victims’ resting place by looters looking for valuables which the victims were rumoured to have had on them, the task of protecting this place was a crucial one. The topography here presented a particular challenge to protecting this mass grave.