In the summer or autumn of 1942 at least 80 Roma were murdered on the outskirts of Divoshyn. The group of Roma had been expelled from the Belarussian village of Kozly by the village elder. They were intercepted by German cavalry and accused of partisan activity. The Germans forced them all into a stable. The next morning the men were rounded up and taken to nearby clay-extraction pits, which they were made to dig deeper before being shot. Thereafter the women were raped and then shot along with the children. Some of the villagers heard the screams and shooting.

In the 1970s the hill was leveled and the land was repurposed for agricultural use. As part of the project «Protecting Memory», in 2019 a «Forest of Memory» was planted in the feld where the murders are presumed to have been committed. Eighty trees symbolically represent each of the victims and are intended to protect the site from being used for agricultural purposes.