According to the Soviet Extraordinary State Commission, 32 Roma were murdered in the hamlet of Batseve on the outskirts of Kalynivka (until 1960 – Holyshi, until 2016 – Zhovtneve). According to statements from elderly local residents, the Roma were locked inside a barn that was then set on fre. Those who tried to flee were shot. Children were also among those killed. The Roma were evidently using the rural location as a hiding place.

In May 1944, the Soviet Extraordinary State Commission began investigating the German crimes committed in the Olevsk rayon. The commission recorded the names of 35 villagers murdered in Holyshi and the killing of 32 Roma. The human remains were buried at the site of the crime. The wooden cross placed there decayed with time, and the area became overgrown. As part of the project «Protecting Memory», in the spring of 2019 a memorial stone and an information stele were dedicated to the Roma victims.