Staff Members

At the behest of the Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany, the project has been based at the Foundation Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe since 1 April 2016. It is led by Foundation Director Uwe Neumärker and Deputy Director Dr. Ulrich Baumann. The project is implemented by an international team with extensive expertise and language skills.

Aleksandra Wroblewska

Project Coordinator

Aleksandra Wroblewska was born in Warsaw (Poland) in 1978. She studied Cultural Studies in Warsaw and Film Production in Berlin. Since May 2011, she has served as coordinator of “Protecting Memory”.

Dr. Svetlana Burmistr

Research Associate

Svetlana Burmistr was born in Ribnita (Republic of Moldova) in 1980. She studied German Studies in Ribnita and Linguistics, New German Literature, and Political Science in Berlin. In 2014, she earned a PhD in Contemporary History at the Centre for Research on Antisemitism in Berlin. She worked on the pilot phase of “Protecting Memory” in 2013 and returned to the project in April 2016.

Mariya Goncharenko-Schubert

Project team member

Mariya Goncharenko-Schubert was born in Tjutjunnyky (Zhytomyr Region, Ukraine) in 1985. She studied Eastern European Culture and Jewish Studies at the University of Potsdam. She joined “Protecting Memory” in May 2017.

Ayelet Eva Herbst

Freelance employee

Ayelet Eva Herbst was born in moshav Ben Ami (Israel) in 1985. She studied Media and Communication in Max Stern Yeyreel Vally College and Holocaust, Communication and Tolerance in Touro College Berlin. She has worked with “Protecting Memory” since 2018.

Bozhena Kozakevych

Project team member

Bozhena Kozakevych was born in Lviv (Ukraine) in 1990. She studied German Philology in Lviv and Culture and History of Central and Eastern Europe in Frankfurt on the Oder. She has worked with “Protecting Memory” since April 2016.

Ray Brandon

Research Associate

Ray Brandon was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee (USA) in 1964 and studied Political Science and International Relations in Washington. His publications include The Shoah in Ukraine (2008; Ukr. ed. 2015), with Wendy Lower, and Stalin and Europe (2014; Pol. ed., 2015), with Timothy D. Snyder. He worked as historian for “Protecting Memory” from February 2014 until December 2018.

Roman Boichuk

Student Assistant

Roman Boichuk was born in Lanivtsi (Ternopil Region, Ukraine) in 1992. He is studying Culture and History of Central and Eastern Europe in Frankfurt on the Oder. He joined “Protecting Memory” in March 2019.